Pedestrian Drum Handlers

Grab-O-Matic Model: SC21 Straddle-Powered

Grab-O-Matic Model: SC21 Straddle-Powered

Product information

Grab-O-Matic Model: SC21 Straddle-Powered – Power lift and power drive pedestrian drum carrier for the removal of drums from pallets or bunds. Fitted with a quick release removable rim grip drum grab attachment for all steel drums, plastic ‘L’ ring drums and most fibre drums.

The straddle type legs allow the unit to remove a drum from a pallet, bund or the floor, move around a workshop and place back onto the floor, pallet or bund. The drum grab attachment (model QR-HD-1) grabs the drums on the top rim when the carriage is raised by the manual hand pump and will not release the drums until set to the ground.

The unit is available in various lift heights and a manual lift and push version if required.

Standard Features

– Battery power lift & drive
– Fixed straddle widths from 700mm-1350mm
– Emergency stop
– All controls are in the handle
– Transparent and impact resistant safety screen on the mast
– Ergonomic handle for relaxed operating position
– Low overall height for optimum view
– Strong construction ensures a long operating life and low maintenance costs
– Built in battery charger for ease of charging
– Battery indicator lights

Technical Specification-Standard SC21 ‘V’

– Overall Height: 1350mm
– Overall Width: Various depending on straddle width chosen
– Lift Height: 500mm
– SWL: 500kg

Optional Extras

– Increased lift heights
– Manual lift and push versions available
– Interchangeable attachments
– Remote control

All fork attachments are CE marked issued with Test Certificates, Certificates of Conformity and manufactured entirely in the UK to ISO 9001:2008.

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Power Lift- Power Drive

SC21 Straddle Power Lift -Power Drive

A powered pedestrian drum handler with straddle legs

QR-HD-1 Rim Grip Attachment

QR-HD-1 Rim Grip Attachment

Drum handler gripping head attachment for all steel open top, tight head and plastic L-ring drums

SELF Mini 920 with drum attachment

SC21 Straddle

The width of the straddle can be bespoke to customer requirements

SC21 Straddle Pedestrian Drum Handler

SC21 Straddle Pedestrian Drum Handler

Can be used to remove drums from pallets or bunds