Fork Lift Attachments

Grab-O-Matic Low Profile Reel Boom

Grab-O-Matic Low Profile Reel Boom

Product information

The Grab-O-Matic Low Profile Reel Boom is a fork attachment for the lifting of reels or rolls of film, paper, carpet etc.

The Low Profile Reel Boom can be quickly and easily attached to the forks of a fork truck and secured by either ‘T’ bolts, heel pins or the new quick attach/ release system, and is available in a range of sizes to suit various reel weights, lengths and core diameters.

The attachment allows various diameter reels to be loaded or unloaded from lorries or racks without the need for the fork truck driver to dismount from his cab to attach the reel to the boom.

Standard Features

– Profiled ‘bull nose’ boom end for easy entering of reel core
– Heat shrink pole ring on base of boom
– ‘T’ Bolt or Heel Pin attachment to the forks
– Fork Pockets: 760mm long
– Fork Entry: 130mm x 70mm (to suit max fork size 125 x 60)

Technical Specification

The Low Profile Reel Booms are built specifically to order to suit the particular size reels of the customer but as a guide for a reel weight of 200kg x 1m long and core diameter of 75mm we would specify:

– Boom Diameter: 60mm
– Boom Length: 900mm
– SWL: 200kg @ 500mm
– Fork Pockets: 760mm long
– Fork Entry: 130mm x 70mm (to suit max fork size 125 x 60)

Availability: Made to order

All fork attachments are CE marked issued with Test Certificates, Certificates of Conformity and manufacture entirely in the UKI to ISO 9001:2008

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Heel Pins

Low Profile Reel Boom – Heel Pins

Heel pins can be specified to secure the unit to the forks in place of T-bolts.

Low Profile Reel Boom with Lead Coils

Low Profile Reel Boom

The reel boom can be designed for various size and diameter of reels.

Reel Boom Fork Attachment

Low Profile Reel Boom

All reel booms have aa profile bull nose for ease of entry.

Low Profile Reel Boom Fork Attachment Heel Fitting

Low Profile Reel Boom

Customer specified boom lengths and diameters can be manufactured to order.