Drum Handling Waist Grippers

Grab-O-Matic DH-1 Single Steel Drum Handler

Grab-O-Matic DH-1 Single Steel Drum Handler

Product information

The Grab-O-Matic DH-1 single steel drum handler grabs the drums around the waist between the centre rolling rims, it is suitable for 205/210L steel drums only with pronounced rolling rims, the drums must be of a consistent diameter and not damaged or dented. The DH-1 is secured to the forks with zinc plated ‘T’ bolts.

The DH waist gripper is also available as a 2 drum handler model DH-2

Technical Specification

– SWL: 500kg
– Fork Entry: 130mm x 70mm (larger sizes available)
– Weight: 40kg

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DH-1 no Drum

DH-1 Waist Gripper Drum Handler

Fork attachment single drum handler for steel drums only

DH-1 Single Drum Handler Fork Attachment

DH-1 Waist Gripper

Single drum handler fork attachment

DH-1 Waist Gripper

DH-1 Waist Gripper

Open top drums can be grabbed if the lid is securely in place


Pronounced Rolling Rim

An example of a pronounced rolling rim on a steel drum