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Grab-O-Matic SC10 Drum Rotator

Grab-O-Matic SC10 Drum Rotator

Product information

The Grab-O-Matic SC10 Drum Rotator is for the lifting and rotating of steel or plastic drums to dispense the contents in a controlled manner.

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The drums are clamped in a steel hoop with an adjustable  clamp and locking pin, the forward rotation is via a hand operated gearbox that allows full control throughout the dispensing process, The drum turner is secured to the forks of the truck with zinc plated ‘T’ bolts.

Optional extras are availble for the SC10 such as the Safety Adaptor when lifting and tilting smooth sided plastic drums, webbing and ratchet drum clamping system, chain wheel and chain for dispensing above 1.5m.

An Over Head drum rotator is available model SC10-OH for use with over crane hook or it can be slung from the forks of a fork truck, and a Heavy Duty unit for steel drums up to 1000kg model SC10-HD.

Technical Specification

– SWL: 500kg
– Fork Entry: 130mm x 70mm (larger sizes available)
– Minimum Fork Spread: 700mm between forks

Weight: 70kg

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Standard SC10 Drum Rotator

Standard SC10 Drum Rotator

This standard unit is suitable for steel open top or tight head drums with rolling rims.

SC10 Drum Rotator Clamping System

SC10 Clamping System

The drums are clamped between the rolling rims via an adjustable overcentre chain and locking pin.

Standard SC10 Drum Rotator

SC10 -PW

Open top plastic or tight head plastic L-ring drums are suitable for the SC10-PW.

Standard SC10 Drum Rotator


An optional chain wheel and chain is available for dispensing at high level.

Standard SC10 Drum Rotator


For plastic drums a webbing and ratchet clamping system and safety adaptor to stop the drums from slipping when lifted or rotated.