Drum Handling Equipment available for hire

St Clare Engineering’s range of drum handling forklift truck attachments make quick work of handling all types of drums and barrels. Did you know you can rent Grab-O-Matic equipment direct from us for just a week, or for as long as you need it?

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Drum handling expertise at St Clare Engineering

St Clare Engineering invented and patented their best-selling Grab-O-Matic rim gripping fork attachment drum handler in 1959. Over sixty years later, it remains a best-seller and the company has built a reputation for robust, practical solutions for handling drums.

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Quick-Release Forklift Truck Attachments

Gone are the days when your forklift truck driver must dismount from the cab to manually secure drum handling attachments every time they change from lifting pallets to drums, or between different drum grab systems.

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How to handle open or closed drums using Grab-O-Matic

Steel drums and plastic drums are constructed with different lid openings depending on their use and contents. Does this influence how you should handle the drums? We’ll explain how to use Grab-O-Matic forklift drum handling systems for open and closed drums.

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For easy handling of your steel drums choose Grab-O-Matic

Steel drums (open top or tight head) can be handled individually or two at a time with ease using Grab-O-Matic’s standard drum handling fork attachment fitted with rim gripping heads.

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St Clare leads the way in Great British Engineering

Grab-O-Matic drum handling forklift truck attachments are manufactured entirely in the UK by St Clare Engineering, bringing the benefits of British engineering to customers in the UK and across the world.

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