Why do customers stick with Grab-O-Matic mechanical forklift attachment drum handlers?

Many of our customers have been using the Grab-O-Matic forklift drum handlers for over 30 years and they still come back for more. That’s because our mechanical fork attachment drum handlers are the best on the market.
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Warning signs that your forklift attachment is about to fail

When using fork attachments or drum handlers there are common danger signs to look out for that indicate the equipment may be about to fail. It’s important that lifting equipment is kept in good working order, so St Clare Engineering offers an inspection, service, testing and certification service for customers of all Grab-O-Matic & Liftomatic drum handlers and fork attachments.
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You could be risking life, limb and reputation if you don’t use drum handling attachments

Handling oil drums and barrels can be dangerous work at the best of times but taking chances by not using the right handling equipment by moving drums manually or balanced on a pallet or on the forks of a forklift truck will increase the chances of an accident.
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From pole to equator, Grab-O-Matic performs

The Grab-O-Matic range of drum handling forklift truck attachments is a purely mechanical device manufactured from top quality British steel that continues to operate in any climate with the appropriate lubricants and cleaning care.
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Hiring drum handling equipment

We offer equipment on short or long term hire from a minimum period of a week to however long a customer needs it. The items hired most frequently are the 1-DLR single drum and 2-DLR double drum handlers and our drum rotator model SC10.
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Give your forklift drum handling attachments an annual service to stay safe and H&S compliant

St Clare Engineering has been offering an annual service check for all of our products since we started manufacturing the Grab-O-Matic drum handling attachment back in 1959.
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