Grab-O-Matic Overhead Drum Cages

2022-05-28 17:48:25


Grab-O-Matic Overhead drum cages are a safe and efficient method of loading all types of drums at height.

We offer a variety of models to suit every requirement.

The lightweight modelSWL 300kg, is lifted via an over head crane system, with the drums secured in place by a webbing and ratchet clamping system.

Other designs have a gate opening to allow drums to be loaded with a drum handler from the front.

The heavyweight modelSWL 750kg, was designed to lift heavy drums on and off oil rigs or ships using an overhead crane. Chains and shackles can be attached to the lifting eyes and the drums secured by hinged steel arms and locking pins.

Grab-O-Matic Overhead Drum Cages

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