Drum handling

>Drum handling
1:13 pm2 April, 2020

Keep forklift truck drivers safe and save time and money with our innovative drum handling Quick Release System

By |2 April, 2020|

We are thrilled that St Clare Engineering has been nominated for a Fork Lift Truck Association Award for Excellence 2020. Unfortunately, with the lockdown in place, and the awards ceremony on hold, the black tie has had to go back in the cupboard and we’re going to have to wait to a while longer to find out if we’ve won or not!
1:40 pm27 February, 2020

Bespoke forklift drum handling attachments for wine and whisky barrels

By |27 February, 2020|

Over the past 30 years we have continued to evolve our Grab-O-Matic products to support safe and efficient drum handling in increasingly varied sectors. Most recently we worked with a distillery in Ireland to improve their barrel handling processes.
12:01 pm23 January, 2020

Case study: Delivering to specification and to time with a high quality drum handling solution

By |23 January, 2020|

Case study on delivering a high quality drum handling solution to an international client to specification and to time.