Drum handling

>Drum handling
4:08 pm13 August, 2020

Drum handling in a potentially explosive (ATEX) atmosphere

By |13 August, 2020|

We manufacture various options for ATEX (Atmospheres Explosible) drum handlers that can be used where a spark is likely to cause an explosion.
9:56 am17 June, 2020

How to move and lift drums with a forklift truck

By |17 June, 2020|

Efficiency depends on having the right tools for the job and this is certainly true when lifting and moving large numbers of drums. St Clare Engineering has made handling volumes of drums quicker, safer and easier with a range of waist and rim-gripping drum handling attachments for forklift trucks.
4:31 pm21 May, 2020

How to make fork lift truck drum rotating safer and easier

By |21 May, 2020|

Rotating a drum can be difficult and hazardous because of size, weight and storage position, so picking the right equipment for the task is important. That’s why we’ve developed a range of drum rotator forklift attachment models which rotate drums in different planes.