12:26 pm26 September, 2018

There are forklift truck attachments for every type of drum!

26 September, 2018|

Tight head, open top, plastic L-ring, fibreboard or Mauser, drums come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Fortunately, one thing they all have in common is any drum can be lifted safely by the right kind of drum handling forklift truck attachment.
2:56 pm28 August, 2018

Using fork lift drum handling attachments to remove drums quickly and safely from containers or lorries

28 August, 2018|

Time can be critical when transporting goods, but when workers are put under deadline pressure, accidents happen: spillages, crushed feet and fingers, damaged backs or worse. Some of the trickiest items to remove from a sea container or lorries are drums and barrels, but ensuring safe working practices means using the right equipment for the job - in this case, a fork lift drum handling attachment.
3:28 pm23 July, 2018

Safety should not go against the grain when manufacturing forklift drum handling attachments

23 July, 2018|

Forklift truck drum handling attachment safety is vital when handling heavy drums. At St Clare Engineering, we’ve been making our Grab-O-Matic drum handling fixtures for forklift trucks for more than 50 years. We use the finest quality components which we source as locally as possible to our factory in Eastleigh and assemble by hand.